FameBit Media, co-founded by Kasif Khan and Anurag Manoj Gupta, is a prominent online marketing agency led by Kasif Khan, an expert in marketing and sales. Kasif Khan’s extensive experience in the industry has made him a reputable figure in the marketing realm. His strategic insights and innovative approach, combined with Anurag Manoj Gupta’s expertise, have propelled FameBit Media to the forefront of the influencer marketing industry.

As the founders of FameBit Media, Kasif Khan and Anurag Manoj Gupta lead the agency in delivering a range of comprehensive services tailored to meet the needs of modern brands and influencers. FameBit Media specializes in:

  • Ad Shoot: Creating visually captivating and impactful advertising campaigns.
  • Influencer Marketing: Connecting brands with social media influencers to enhance brand visibility and engagement.
  • Talent Management: Managing and nurturing influencer talent to maximize their potential and align their efforts with brand goals.
  • Telegram Marketing: Leveraging Telegram’s unique capabilities for impactful and engaging marketing campaigns.
  • Video Marketing: Producing high-quality video content that resonates with audiences and drives brand awareness.
  • Business/Marketing Consultancy: Providing expert advice and strategies to improve marketing efforts and achieve business objectives.

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FameBit Media is an complete online marketing agency that help brands with influential marketing strategies to boost visibility, sales and most important trust.


Ad Shoot
Influencer Marketing
Talent Management
Telegram Marketing
Video Marketing
Business/Marketing Consultancy

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